The apartment

Tom Thomas' apartment is home to both Tom Thomas and his parents as well as Simka, Nolik, Papus, Masiya, and Grandpus. It is a typical city apartment equipped with all of the appliances and devices of modern life, machines that need the constant care of the Fixies to keep running smoothly. Dad's study, though, is far from typical, filled with artifacts and objects from around the world gathered on his journeys as a travel journalist.

The laboratory

Professor Eugenius' product testing laboratory is where the Fixie kids hold their classes. It is the perfect setting for learning about how things work. Its huge robotic manipulator is able to help the professor with his work whether he is stationed in the Mechanical Zone, the Chemistry Zone, or the Electrical Zone.

Inside devices

Fixies are over a hundred times smaller than humans. If we looked at the world through the eyes of a Fixie, every day objects as small as a phone would appear huge, from both the outside and the inside.

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