licensed products

In the first three and a half years of licensing, “The Fixies” has become a market leader for many of Russia’s leading licensees, including: Next Time, C-Trade, Ferrero Rocher, Ecolife, Chupa Chups, Crossway, X-Media Digital, Alter West, Bayer, Proburo, Varta, Emotegroup, and Seventh Rainbow.
More than 2500 licensed Fixies products are already in the market, with several hundred more being prepared for release

Co-branded Educational projects

The Fixies positive image as a wholesome and educational brand has led to partnerships with a number of companies to use the Fixies to help them deliver their educational information to children on topics such as safety, science and ecology.

“Friendly Electricity For Kids”

200 lessons on electrical safety
8000 children participating

“Get Fixated!”



Lectures based on 20 episodes of
“The Fixies”.



16 informational centers on nuclear energy located in cities throughout Russia. 


Battery recycling and disposal program held in cities throughout Russia.


Over the period of the program 18 tons of used batteries were collected. 

The fixies as advertising spokespeople

In the eyes of children, Fixies are not only TV stars, but trusted experts and advisors as well.
Using The Fixies to advertise products like medicine, vitamins, or cereals can make these kinds of products more appealing to kids resulting in increased sales in these market sectors. 
Children’s vitamin manufacturer Vitrum Junior is already successfully using The Fixies in their advertising campaigns.