meet the humans

TOM THOMAS is an ordinary ten-year-old boy with big dreams, an inquisitive mind, and a real sense of fun. Oh, and he's got Fixies as his secret friends. Guess he's not so ordinary after all! Tom Thomas deeply values his friendship with Simka and Nolik. Not only does he enjoy their games and adventures together, but they make him feel like a real research scientist. Tom Thomas is a true friend to Simka and Nolik. He understands the importance of keeping the Fixies' existence secret, and he hasn't told a soul about them, not even his best friends at school.

(Well, once he did accidently let it slip out in front of his parents, but they didn't believe him. "That kid - always dreaming. ")


Tom Thomas’ MOM is a dentist, and his DAD is a popular TV journalist. While Mom is blessed with a balance between her professional workload and the demands of family life, Dad is a workaholic who often travels far from home to find his stories and the artifacts that fill his home office. Either way, they're both "gadget freaks” - she with her time-saving appliances, and he with the latest electronic toy ... er, computer technology. No wonder Tom Thomas is glad to have friends to play with (be they tiny and secret) when his parents are such busy people with little free time to spend with their son.


A dear old friend of Grandpus, PROFESSOR EUGENIUS is a very talented scientist who, like Tom Thomas, keeps his knowledge of the Fixies a secret. In his job as a product tester, Professor Eugenius uses his laboratory’s battery of diagnostic equipment to check the quality of products sent in for his expert review. A kind, but rather absentminded man who loves science and dreams of being a great inventor, Professor Eugenius has let his Fixie friends set up their school in his lab.


ELISA, his dedicated and admiring assistant, is unaware of the existence of Fixies and is convinced the lab is haunted, a fear that Nolik and Fire are all to happy to exploit in the form of mischievous fun!