The fixies feature film


In Production for 2017 Release

Distributed By Luxor Distribution


Running Time: 75 Minutes

Animation: CGI and Flash

Format: 2D Projection with Dolby Digital sound


Target Audience:

Boys and Girls aged 5-12 and their families


  • With sales of the series into more than 80 countries outside of Russia, THE FIXIES feature will be reaching the market just as the foreign audiences are growing.

  • Huge Russian brand awareness and fan base sets the stage for strong domestic sales from Russia’s potential viewing audience of 25-30 Million people.

    • “The Fixies” brand awareness among children 5-10 years old is almost 100%, amongst teens and adults it is more than 80%. 

    • “The Fixies” ranks in the top three most popular animated series in broadcast as well as the most popular animated characters with children 4-10 years old. (Synovate Comcon, August 2014).

    • 5-7 million viewers per episode on Russian TV

    • 4-5 million viewers per episode on YouTube. More than 1.5 Billion views to date!