episode summaries:

Season 2 - Episodes 92-104

Episode 92: The Shadow Play

Nolik wants to play the part of the brave and tall hunter in a shadow play with Tom Thomas and Simka. Unfortunately he is too small for the part… until he learns how to change the size of his shadow!

Insert 1: How can you make a shadow theater?

Insert 2: Different types of theaters

Episode 93: The Antenna

When Professor Eugenius picks up signals with his new antenna he thinks he may have made contact with aliens, and not just Toola and Digit who are stuck inside the device.

Insert 1: Is there life in outer space?

Insert 2: How does an antenna work?

Episode 94: The Batteries

Fire thinks burying batteries into the soil will give Toola’s lemon seedling more energy to grow. The Fixies soon learn the dangers of putting batteries into the ground.

Insert 1: How do batteries work?

Fixie Dittie: Batteries

Episode 95: The Tools

When Tom Thomas accidently drops his father's toolbox he needs the help of Simka and Nolik to get everything back into place before his father gets home.

Insert 1: How to properly take care of tools

Insert 2: Picking the right tool for the job

Episode 96: The Baby Monitor

Tom Thomas tells the Fixies he has psychic powers that will enable him find where they hide a button while he’s outside the room. What the Fixies don't know is that he’s spying on them with a baby monitor!

Insert 1: Meet Verda

Insert 2: How does a baby monitor work?

Episode 97: Knots

Fire needs to learn how to tie knots in order to join Simka and Nolik's pirate crew. He gets completely carried away and starts tying knots in just about everything!

Insert 1: How to tie a square knot

Insert 2: Who uses knots?

Episode 98: The Draftsman

When the trigger on his toy dart gun breaks, Tom Thomas’ skills are put to the test drafting a technical drawing that Papus can use to make a new part.

Insert 1: What are the tools of a draftsman?

Insert 2: What is a technical drawing?

Episode 99: The Elevator

Simka and Nolik's plans to go to the circus with Tom Thomas are cut short when his family gets stuck in the elevator. Helping Papus and Masiya with the repair, the Fixie kids become performers in their own circus!

Insert 1: How does an elevator work?

Insert 2: How to ride an elevator safely

Episode 100: The Motion Sensor

The Fixie kids find it a real challenge to sneak past Elisa and get back to Professor Eugenius with a spare part without setting off the motion sensor that automatically opens the door to the laboratory.

Insert 1: How does a motion sensor work?

Insert 2: Different uses for sensors

Episode 101: The Suction Cup

Unable to read the back side of a note Professor Eugenius left under a piece of glass, the Fixies try using a suction cup to lift the heavy pane.

Insert 1: What is product testing?

Insert 2: How does a suction cup work?

Episode 102: The Fixiphone

Tom Thomas is thrilled when Simka and Nolik convert his smartphone into a Fixiphone until his dad borrows the device and finds some unexplainable phone numbers on it. 

Insert 1: What is a Fixiphone?

Fixie Dittie: My Smartphone

Episode 103: The Chick

When a thunderstorm causes a black out in Professor Eugenius' laboratory, Fire and Nolik must figure out how to keep the eggs inside his incubator warm so the chicks won't die.

Insert 1: What is an incubator?

Insert 2: What animals hatch from eggs?

Episode 104: Invisible Ink

Tom Thomas gets a blank note from his friend Katya that he soon discovers is a love note written in invisible ink. Simka helps Tom Thomas make his own special ink so he can write Katya an invisible reply.

Insert 1: What is invisible ink?

Insert 2: What’s the proper way to write a letter?

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