episode summaries:

Season 2 - Episodes 79-91

Episode 79: The Manipulator

Fire and Nolik secretly control the manipulator's robotic arm to scare Elisa into believing the laboratory is haunted.

Insert 1: What is a manipulator?

Insert 2: How are manipulators used?

Episode 80: The Oven

Simka and Toola must escape from the oven after falling into a pie that’s about to be baked. Believing they’ve been baked into the pie, Tom Thomas tries to find them by eating piece after piece without making his mom suspicious in the process.

Insert 1: How does an oven work?

Insert 2: The history of ovens

Episode 81: Reflexes

Tom Thomas is having no luck teaching Chewsocka how to count. Simka and Nolik figure out a way to get Chewsocka to do just what Tom Thomas wants after learning about reflexes in Fixie School.

Insert 1: What are reflexes?

Insert 2: How do people train animals?

Episode 82: The Dog

Chewsocka knows she could be a real service dog if only humans and Fixies could understand her. And soon she gets her chance to help when she discovers an outlet sparking.

Insert 1: The history of dogs

Insert 2: What do service dogs do?

Episode 83: The Video Call

Tom Thomas makes a video call to Simka and Nolik at the lab and gets to see their Fixie School. But soon he must do some quick thinking when his dad enters and wants to know who the little creatures on the screen are.

Insert 1: What is a video call?

Insert 2: How are video calls used?

Episode 84: The Keycard

When Professor Eugenius manages to lock himself out of the laboratory by forgetting both his keycard and Elisa's inside, the Fixies have to figure out how to let him back in without Elisa discovering them.

Insert 1: How does a keycard work?

Insert 2: Meet Professor Eugenius

Episode 85: The Ecotester

After the Fixie kids accidentally mix up two apples, Professor Eugenius panics convinced that Elisa has eaten the poison one.

Insert 1: What is an ecotester?

Insert 2: Keeping our environment clean

Episode 86: The Bee

Tom Thomas doesn't know how to get a bothersome bee out of the kitchen. Simka and Nolik get the bee safely outside without it stinging Tom Thomas, Chewsocka, or them.

Insert 1: How do bees make honey?

Insert 2: The history of beekeeping

Episode 87: The Instructions

When Tom Thomas' dad bets him he can't put together an unassembled chair, Tom Thomas discovers the importance of following the instructions.

Insert 1: What are instructions?

Insert 2: The history of chairs

Episode 88: The Airbag

Watching Professor Eugenius test out a new airbag, the Fixie kids learn about the importance of traffic safety. The demonstration also gives Grandpus an idea about how to keep the reckless Fire a bit safer.

Insert 1: What is an airbag?

Insert 2: The importance of traffic safety rules

Episode 89: The Gramophone

In order to enjoy an old record that Tom Thomas has found, the Fixies need to figure out how to repair an old gramophone that is missing its needle.

Insert 1: How does a gramophone work?

Fixie Dittie: Screws

Episode 90: Chess

In a tense game of chess between Grandpus and Professor Eugenius, Nolik takes the part of a missing pawn who dreams of capturing the enemy king.

Insert 1: Board games from around the world

Insert 2: What is chess?

Episode 91: The Laboratory

When Papus and Masiya are urgently called to the laboratory they become frantic, imagining all of the terrible things that may have happened to Simka or Nolik.

Insert 1: A tour of Professor Eugenius' laboratory

Insert 2: Meet Masiya

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