episode summaries:

Season 2 - Episodes 66-78

Episode 66: The Globe

Playing around on Tom Thomas' globe leads Nolik to learn about the Earth's gravity and why there is day and night.

Insert 1: What is the force of gravity?

Insert 2: Day, night and the changing seasons

Episode 67: The Camera

With his dad's camera in hand, Tom Thomas turns into a paparazzi determined to get a picture that will make him rich and famous, a picture of Fixies.

Insert 1: How does a camera work?

Insert 2: The history of the camera

Episode 68: The Talking Doll

Fire and Nolik decide to play a mean trick on Toola with a talking doll that Professor Eugenius brought to the laboratory. When Simka discovers what the boys did, she figures out how to get them back.

Insert 1: How do talking dolls talk?

Insert 2: Meet Digit

Episode 69: The Barcode

The Fixie students think Grandpus is playing a trick on them when he is able to identify what is inside the boxes in Professor Eugenius' warehouse without even opening them. 

Insert 1: What is a barcode?

Insert 2: How do QR codes and card readers work?

Episode 70: The Prosthesis

Nolik becomes worried that Tom Thomas won’t need him anymore as a friend after Professor Eugenius replaces the leg of Tom Thomas’ favorite toy bear with a prosthesis.

Insert 1: What is a prosthesis?

Insert 2: What can be replaced with prostheses?

Episode 71: The Drum

Grandpus finds Nolik’s drumming disruptive to Fixie School, and so Nolik goes to practice at Tom Thomas’. But when Tom Thomas joins in, Nolik finds himself wishing things would be quieter.

Insert 1: How do you play the drums?

Fixie Dittie: Bang The Drum

Episode 72: Tubes

Nolik is kicked out of class for repeatedly calling out on the subject of where tubes and pipes can be found. But once outside of class his keen eye saves the day when he spots a leaking tube in the laboratory.

Insert 1: Meet Nolik

Insert 2: How are pipes made so they won't leak?

Episode 73: The Wires

It’s a very hot day in the laboratory and the Fixies work together to unravel a messy tangle of cords so they can find a free outlet for Professor Eugenius to plug in his fan and cool off.

Insert 1: What are Fixie Schools?

Insert 2: How do cords and outlets work?

Episode 74: The Kaleidoscope

After Tom Thomas breaks his brand new Christmas ornament, Nolik tries to cheer him up with a kaleidoscope. But Tom Thomas’ spirits aren’t lifted until all of the Fixie kids join in to create an extraordinary design.

Insert 1: How does a kaleidoscope work?

Fixie Dittie: Kaleidoscope

Episode 75: The Armor

Hiding from Nolik and Simka during a game of hide and seek, Tom Thomas gets himself stuck inside a suit of armor.

Insert 1: What is armor?

Insert 2: Who uses protective clothing?

Episode 76: The Clocks

Fire slows down the clocks in the apartment so Tom Thomas will have more time to play computer games. The idea works great for Tom Thomas, but not so well for his mom who is baking dinner in the oven.

Insert 1: Changing the speed of a clock

Insert 2: The history of clocks

Episode 77: GPS

Late for school, Fire tries to show Simka and Nolik a "short cut" that ends up getting them lost. Fortunately Simka's Fixie Tablet has GPS to guide them to their destination.

Insert 1: What are Fixie Tabs?

Insert 2: What is GPS?

Episode 78: The Fire Extinguisher

Fire gets kicked out of class for screaming "fire" during a lesson on fire extinguishers. When he soon discovers a real fire in the lab, he has trouble convincing Grandpus and his schoolmates that this time it's for real.

Insert 1: What are fire hazards at home?

Insert 2: How do people put out fires?

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