episode summaries:

Season 2 - Episodes 53-65

Episode 53: Nolik's Cube

Nolik and Fire come up with an unorthodox method of solving a Rubik's Cube that Tom Thomas is unable to solve himself.

Insert 1: What is a Rubik's Cube?

Insert 2: What kinds of puzzles are there?

Episode 54: The Team

Simka and Nolik enlist the help of their Fixie School classmates to beat Tom Thomas in a game of table hockey, but to win they must learn to work together as a team.

Insert 1: What is Fixie School?

Fixie Dittie: Hockey's Our Game

Episode 55: The Catapult

Fire wants to shoot Nolik out the window and all the way to the Moon using Tom Thomas’ toy catapult. Simka and Papus try to stop their dangerous plan.

Insert 1: What is a catapult?

Insert 2: How are catapults used today?

Episode 56: The Vent

A squabble between Simka and Verda ends badly when Verda's autographed photo of a Fixie star gets blown away into a vent. The girls must retrieve the picture before a human finds it.

Insert 1: Why can you blow bubbles from soapy water?

Insert 2: How does ventilation work?

Episode 57: The Stain

A paint stain on Tom Thomas’ shirt just gets worse and worse as he tries Nolik's different ideas for how to remove it.

Insert 1: How can you remove stains?

Insert 2: Meet Toola

Episode 58: Friction

Nolik is sad that he can't go sledding with Tom Thomas, and so he pours oil on the desk to make it super slippery. Unfortunately his whole Fixie family ends up getting stuck in the oil slick.

Insert 1: What is friction?

Insert 2: Our world without friction?

Episode 59: The Doorbell

Fire, Verda, Digit and Toola have made plans to visit Simka like "real guests" who first ring the doorbell before entering. But their plan is blocked when they discover that the doorbell isn't working.

Insert 1: How does a doorbell work?

Insert 2: Meet Fire

Episode 60: The Pack-o-mat

Digit feels unprepared for his pack-o-mat exam. Nolik tries to help him out by getting Grandpus to reveal what the topic of the exam will be. If only Grandpus would stop changing his mind!

Insert 1: Getting tools from a pack-o-mat

Fixie Dittie: Tools

Episode 61: The Crowbar

Papus wants to move because nothing in the apartment breaks anymore. Nolik and Simka think the only solution is to break things so Papus will have something to fix and feel useful again.

Insert 1: How do Fixies choose where they live?

Insert 2: Different uses for a simple crowbar Fixie Dittie: Tideesh!

Episode 62: The Disguise

Tom Thomas agrees to take care of his friend's chameleon. When the chameleon escapes from its terrarium, Tom Thomas, Simka, and Nolik have to use their smarts to find him and catch him.

Insert 1: What is camouflage?

Insert 2: Who uses camouflage?

Episode 63: The Level

Tom Thomas' dad tells him he can join him on a business trip to Africa if he is as tall as the top of that continent on his wall map. When a water level confirms he isn’t, Tom Thomas tries to figure out how to fake the results.

Insert 1: What is a water level?

Insert 2: What tools are used to measure things?

Episode 64: Modeling Clay

After Nolik makes a pack-o-mat out of modeling clay, Fire takes him around the apartment to fix everything ahead of Simka. Their sloppy work almost results in disaster.

Insert 1: What is modeling clay?

Insert 2: Making your own modeling clay

Episode 65: The Chain Reaction

Tom Thomas gets angry at Nolik, which makes Nolik get mad at Simka, who then gets mad at Toola. Toola convinces her friends to create a chain reaction of positive feelings.

Insert 1: How can a spark turn into a forest fire?

Insert 2: What is an atomic chain reaction?

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