episode summaries:

Season 1 - Episodes 40-52

Episode 40: The Night Light

After watching a scary movie, Tom Thomas is afraid of sleeping in the dark. Nolik offers to help by letting Tom Thomas use him as a storytelling night light.

Insert 1: How can we save electricity?

Insert 2: What is a nightlight?

Episode 41: Paper

Tom Thomas has to write an essay for school about how he helps the environment and learns a lesson about wasting paper in the process.

Insert 1: How can we help protect nature?

Insert 2: How is paper made?

Episode 42: The Alarm

After one of his chocolate bunnies is stolen, Tom Thomas, together with Simka and Nolik build an alarm to protect the remaining bunny and uncover the thief.

Insert 1: Different kinds of alarms

Insert 2: What does the Fixie gesture mean?

Episode 43: The Mixer

Tom Thomas and Nolik each discover the benefits of using a mixer. For humans, it’s a way to turn boring milk into tasty milkshakes, and for Fixies, a place to go inside and get charged up

Insert 1: How Fixies use energy from appliances

Fixie Dittie: Milk

Episode 44: The Thermos

Tom Thomas doesn’t know where to hide the ice cream cone he bought as a Mother's Day gift. Simka’s suggestion to store it inside a thermos in dad's office seems like a good idea until Nolik gets trapped  inside.

Insert 1: How does a thermos work?

Insert 2: How to stay healthy in the winter

Episode 45: The Scale

Tom Thomas needs to weigh Chewsocka on the old fashioned scale in his dad's office in order to figure out how much food he is supposed to give her.

Insert 1: How does a scale work?

Insert 2: The right food for your pet

Episode 46: The Internet

The Fixies are baffled by the appearance of an appliance they have never seen before - a robotic vacuum cleaner. While the older Fixies try to figure out what it is, Simka and Nolik use the Internet to solve the mystery.

Insert 1: What is the Internet?

Fixie Dittie: Internet

Episode 47: The Piggy Bank

Tom Thomas wants to know how much money he has stored inside his piggy bank and sends Nolik inside to count. Unfortunately the only way to get Nolik back out is to smash the bank.

Insert 1: What are safes and banks?

Insert 2: How do bank cards work?

Episode 48: The Can

Tom Thomas doesn't realize the canned food he is packing for a camping trip is spoiled. Simka teaches him how to know whether food is safe to eat without opening the can.

Insert 1: What is canned food?

Insert 2: What is an expiration date?

Episode 49: The Microphone

Tom Thomas wants to talk with his friend through the computer but doesn't have a microphone. Simka and Nolik show him how to use his headphones as a microphone too.

Insert 1: How does a microphone work?

Insert 2: How to use a radio set

Episode 50: Candy

Simka and Nolik try out Tom Thomas as a candy taste tester, but soon Tom Thomas has a tooth ache from eating so much candy.

Insert 1: How is hard candy with soft filling made?

Insert 2: What is a taste taster?

Episode 51: The Mirror

Tom Thomas scratches the back of a mirror leaving a dark spot on the mirror that doesn't reflect anything. Not knowing the mirror is damaged Nolik is afraid that he has become a ghost.

Insert 1: The history of the mirror

Insert 2: How does a mirror work?

Episode 52: The Lie Detector

Simka and Nolik create a lie detector to prove that Tom Thomas is lying when he claims he is not actually himself, but rather his cousin.

Insert 1: How does a lie detector work?

Insert 2: The history of lie detectors

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