episode summaries:

Season 1 - Episodes 27-39

Episode 27: The Compass

While playing pirates, Simka and Nolik challenge Tom Thomas to find a hidden treasure. They give him a map they drew and and teach him how to build a compass.

Insert 1: How does a compass work?

Insert 2: The history of the compass

Episode 28: The Hair Dryer

When a helium balloon floats up to the ceiling out of Tom Thomas' reach, Nolik offers to retrieve it by riding on a stream of air from a hairdryer.

Insert 1: How does a hair dryer work?

Insert 2: What can you do with a hair dryer?

Episode 29: The Robot

The night before Tom Thomas' birthday, his dad breaks his son’s present, a toy robot. He falls asleep at the table unable to fix it. Can the Fixies repair it before morning without waking up Dad?

Insert 1: Different kinds of robots

Fixie Dittie: Tideesh

Episode 30: The Solar Battery

While trying to finish his math homework, Tom Thomas can't figure out why his solar powered calculator has stopped working.

Insert 1: How does a solar battery work?

Insert 2: How are solar batteries used?

Episode 31: The Magic Wand

Tom Thomas gets a magic wand as a present and uses it to make the Fixies as big as humans. Or was it just a dream?

Insert 1: Are magic tricks real?

Insert 2: People can do miraculous things

Episode 32: The Ship in a Bottle

Tom Thomas drops a ship in a bottle and one of the masts break. When Simka and Nolik try to glue the mast back together, Nolik gets very sick from the harmful glue vapors.

Insert 1: How is a ship in a bottle made?

Insert 2: How to work with glue and paint safely

Episode 33: The String Lights

It's Christmas Eve and Tom Thomas must finish decorating the tree so Santa Clause will visit him. Unfortunately the tree lights won't turn on because one of the bulbs is burned out. It will take a miracle (or the Fixies) to make things work.

Insert 1: How do string lights work?

Fixie Dittie: On Christmas Eve

Episode 34: The Whipped Cream

Tom Thomas wants to make whipped cream for a dessert, but doesn't have enough strength to keep shaking it up. Simka and Nolik think up a novel way to  get Chewsocka to do it.

Insert 1: How do you make whipped cream?

Insert 2: Different foods made from milk

Episode 35: The Vacuum

Nolik gets sucked into the vacuum cleaner while Tom Thomas' mom is vacuuming his room. Masiya and Simka must go inside the vacuum to rescue him.

Insert 1: How does a vacuum cleaner work?

Insert 2: The dangers of dust

Episode 36: The Cartoon

Tom Thomas makes a flip book about Nolik banging his head, but Nolik doesn't find it funny at all.

Insert 1: How is animation made?

Insert 2: Different kinds of animation

Episode 37: The Cell Phone

Tom Thomas' father loses his cell phone with Masiya and Papus working inside of it. Simka and Nolik call their parents and figure out where they are. Can Tom Thomas tell his dad where the phone is without revealing how he knows?

Insert 1: How does a cell phone work?

Fixie Dittie: Telephone is Ringing

Episode 38: The Zipper

Tom Thomas can't get his new parka off after the zipper gets jammed. Simka figures out how to solve the problem and has fun watching Tom Thomas squirm in the process.

Insert 1: How does a zipper work?

Insert 2: Every little thing matters in technology

Episode 39: The Magnifying Glass

While Tom Thomas is playing detective, he finds himself with a real mystery to solve - why Chewsocka isn't feeling well. With the help of Simka, Nolik and a magnifying glass, he finds the answer.

Insert 1: What is dactyloscopy?

Insert 2: How does a lens work?

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