episode summaries:

Season 1 - Episodes 14-26

Episode 14: The Stapler

Tom Thomas rips his dress pants minutes before he has to leave for his school concert. Nolik suggests fixing them with a stapler so Tom Thomas' mom won’t find out.

Insert 1: How does a stapler work?

Insert 2: The different kinds of staplers

Episode 15: The Electric Train

After driving away Simka and Nolik by acting rude to them, Tom Thomas soon learns a lesson about friendship and playing nice when he finds himself in need of their help when his electric train set mysteriously breaks.

Insert 1: The history of the railroad

Insert 2: How does a model electric train work?

Episode 16: The Pen

When Tom Thomas gets bad comments on his school report card, he decides to change them with the help of a ball point pen. Will his parents discover the truth?

Insert 1: How does a ball point pen work?

Insert 2: The history of the pen

Episode 17: The Spare Part

Simka and Nolik realize that they can fix a toy car  with a small part from inside the dishwasher. But to get the dishwasher working again they’ll need that same part from the TV. Now, how can they fix that TV?

Insert 1: Papus' dream of flying into space

Insert 2: How is a circuit board made?

Episode 18: The Keyboard

Tom Thomas finds that several keys on his keyboard aren’t working. Simka and Nolik investigate and discover it’s the result of Tom Thomas’ habit of eating at his computer.

Insert 1: How does a computer keyboard work?

Insert 2: Some people are too hard to help

Episode 19: The Aquarium

After cleaning the aquarium's dirty filter, Simka and Masiya find themselves the target of some very hungry fish. Can Papus and Nolik  help them escape?

Insert 1: How does an aquarium filter work?

Insert 2: The history of deep sea diving

Episode 20: The Fan

Simka tries to convince Nolik that the terrible sound they hear inside of Tom Thomas’ broken computer is a horrible "Fixie-eater".

Insert 1: What is preventive maintenance?

Insert 2: What does a computer fan do?

Episode 21: The Washing Machine

Chewsocka accidently gets trapped inside of the washing machine while chasing Nolik and Simka. Now the Fixie kids have to warn Tom Thomas' mother without being discovered in the process.

Insert 1: How does a washing machine work?

Insert 2: How to use a washing machine

Episode 22: The Thermometer

Trying to pretend he is sick by warming up a thermometer, Tom Thomas accidently breaks the device. Now he needs the help of the Fixies to clean up the dangerous mercury.

Insert 1: How does a mercury thermometer work?

Insert 2: The dangers of household chemicals

Episode 23: The Music Box

Tom Thomas, Simka and Nolik are alarmed by strange noises coming out of an old wooden box. Could it be mice? No, it’s Grandpus repairing a music box and he needs his grandkids’ help.

Insert 1: How does a music box work?

Insert 2: Making sounds higher or lower

Episode 24: The Magnet

As a result of losing all of his energy, Papus turns into a screw. Simka and Nolik use the special qualities of a magnet to figure out which of the many screws in the apartment is their father.

Insert 1: How do Fixies turn into screws?

Insert 2: Can magnets attract all metals?

Episode 25: The Flashlight

Simka and Nolik try to repair a broken flashlight Tom Thomas needs to send messages to Katya, his friend who lives in an apartment building across the street.

Insert 1: How does a flashlight work?

Insert 2: The history of the lighthouse

Episode 26: The Short Circuit

When Tom Thomas plugs in an old radio it causes a short circuit that shuts off the electricity in the whole apartment. The Fixies locate the circuit breaker and safely restore power to the apartment.

Insert 1: How to be safe with electricity

Insert 2: What is a short circuit?

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