episode summaries:

season 1 - episodes 01-13

Episode 01: The Drain

Tom Thomas accidently drops his mom's wedding ring down the drain and thinks it is gone forever until Simka and Nolik help him retrieve the ring from the drain trap with the help of a pack-o-mat.

Insert 1: How does a drain trap work?

Insert 2: What is a pack-o-mat?

Episode 02: The DVD

Tom Thomas has to return a DVD he borrowed from his friend but discovers his player can't read the disc anymore. Simka and Nolik help Tom Thomas clean it so it works again..

Insert 1: Where do Fixies come from?

Insert 2: How do digital discs work?

Episode 03: The Alarm Clock

Tom Thomas' old alarm clock breaks. Papus and Nolik go to fix it but end up in the trash can together with the old clock.

Insert 1: The dump - a dangerous place for Fixies

Insert 2: How does an alarm clock work?

Episode 04: The Lever

Tom Thomas is unable to get a barbell out from underneath the sofa. The Fixies teach him how to use his hockey stick as a lever to lift the sofa and retrieve the weight.

Insert 1: How strong are Fixies?

Insert 2: How does a lever work?

Episode 05: The Remote

Trying to hide from the house dog, Chewsocka, Nolik climbs inside the TV remote just before the dog runs away with it. Tom Thomas and Simka have to find the remote and save Nolik.

Insert 1: How does a remote control work?

Insert 2: How can you see an infrared signal?

Episode 06: The Combination Lock

Tom Thomas locks his new game console inside of his backpack but can't get it out because he forgot the combination. Now only little Nolik is able to get inside the lock to open it.

Insert 1: How does a combination lock work?

Insert 2: How do you choose a good password?

Episode 07: The Refrigerator

Nolik gets stuck to a piece of chewing gum and Tom Thomas puts him in the freezer to help get it off. Unfortunately he forgets that he left Nolik inside of there. How will Nolik escape from this danger?

Insert 1: How does a refrigerator work?

Insert 2: The dangers of being a Fixie

Episode 08: The Electric Kettle

To get energy for his workout, Tom Thomas needs to cook something healthy without using the stove. He decides to cook oatmeal for the whole family.

Insert 1: Where do Fixies get their energy?

Insert 2: How does an electric kettle work?

Episode 09: SMS

After Tom Thomas’ friend, Katya, leaves her cell phone at his apartment he wants to read her text messages. Simka and Nolik know it's wrong and try to stop him from reading letters that aren’t his to read.

Insert 1: Is it OK to read other people's mail?

Insert 2: The importance of staying in touch

Episode 10: The Balloon

Tom Thomas accidently bounces a ball right into a ceiling lamp and breaks it. Papus flies up in a hot air balloon to repair it.

Insert 1: How does a hot air balloon fly?

Insert 2: The invention of the hot air balloon

Episode 11: The Microwave

Tom Thomas places a metal fork inside the microwave accidentally putting Masiya and Simka, who are inside the oven studying how the device works, in serious danger.

Insert 1: How do Fixie parents teach their kids?

Insert 2: What can't you put in a microwave?

Episode 12: The Toothbrush

Playing a mad scientist, Tom Thomas stirs up his soapy magic potion with his father's electric toothbrush and it breaks. Now Simka and Nolik must help him fix the toothbrush before his dad comes in the bathroom to brush his teeth

Insert 1: How does an electric toothbrush work?

Insert 2: The invention of the toothbrush

Episode 13: The Screws

Writing his school essay, "My Best Friend", Tom Thomas recalls how he started his secret friendship with Nolik and Simka.

Insert 1: Who are the Fixies?

Insert 2: Why do Fixies hide from humans?

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