meet The fixies

NOLIK is Simka’s younger brother and Tom Thomas’ best friend. There's a lot he still doesn't know about how things work, but that doesn’t stop him from jumping head first into things he probably shouldn't. Unfortunately that can get him into trouble, and in need of rescue by his parents, Papus and Masiya, or Simka. It’s not that Nolik is a troublemaker, he's just extremely curious. That's why he broke the number one Fixie rule – hide from humans and befriended Tom Thomas! Good thing that Tom Thomas is the kind of kid that will always keep his promise and not to tell any humans about the Fixies.


Take a transistor of talent and a microchip of smarts, solder them to a circuit board of energy, and  then switch it on, and you’ve got SIMKA. A ten-year-old in Fixie years, Simka is an excellent student in her Fixie School. She is almost encyclopedic in her memory of how things works and she loves displaying that knowledge to Tom Thomas, her little brother, Nolik and our audience.  While her loveable little brother, Nolik, finds her a bit bossy at times, Simka is a great sister and a tenacious, quick-thinking problem-solver, ready to spring into action for anyone in need.


PAPUS is Simka and Nolik’s father.  He is a first-class Fixie and a jack-of-all-trades.  Much of his technical expertise can be traced back to his days working at an aeronautic space center.  It was always his dream to travel into space, and he prepared hard for the journey.  But as fate would have it Papus never got beyond the position of back-up, a disappointment that still nags him to this day.  Papus romanticizes the work of a Fixie.  His stories about his youth sound almost legendary.  But now Papus is a family Fixie who uses his extraordinary skills to keep things working in an ordinary apartment, skills that have proven invaluable in critical situations – like the time he turned himself into a screw and held the axle of a moving car together like a modern day Fixie Atlas!  


MASIYA is the mother of Simka and Nolik. A kind and gentle soul, Masiya is an extremely skilled Fixie who specializes in electronics. Masiya works from morning till night – fixing and cleaning anything that is in need of her expert care, because she just loves when everything is in perfect working order. But most important for Masiya are her children. She takes loving care of Simka and Nolik and tries to protect them from harm. Having lived through a number of close calls in her career, Masiya often worries about her children and lets her imagination get the best of her. Although it is hard to blame her for worrying about Nolik, seeing how he is constantly getting himself into situations that even surpass anything Masiya can even dream of.


Legend has it that long ago a master clock maker put a little piece of his soul into every clock he made, and that one of those little pieces turned into GRANDPUS, a master repairman who then lived inside the clock, conscientiously looking after it.


Today, Grandpus is not only Simka and Nolik’s grandfather, but their teacher at Fixie School. Experienced, wise and stern, Grandpus imparts his expert knowledge of machinery and Fixie history, traditions and moral codes with great gusto. The kids think he’s a bit over enthusiastic, but Grandpus is just passionate about all things Fixie!

FIRE is the engine of his Fixie class. He is the fastest, the nimblest, and arguably the bravest, or maybe more accurately, reckless. Fire can’t sit still for a second and he’s always on the lookout for adventure. New ideas just burn inside of his head! That’s why his name is Fire! But not all of his ideas are very well thought out as is evidenced by his ever changing collection of bumps and bruises. He just can't help getting carried away. If he’s burning with an idea, he can even forget about his classes at school. Grandpus punishes him for that. But it doesn't seem to bother Fire, because some new plan will pop into his head the very next second.

VERDA is the most popular kid in Fixie School. She is a natural leader, someone who won’t take “no” for an answer. Verda is always able to motivate her Fixie friends into action. That’s because she knows what each of her friends does best and never hesitates to ask them to do it – even if it is something for herself! When she needs help with her homework, Digit is naturally the one to turn to. If she’d rather not carry an overloaded pack-o-mat, you might hear her say, “Fire, please help me! You're so much stronger than I am!” But none of her friends seem to mind because she makes each of them feel special. Yes, Verda can be difficult and even a bit vain at times, but one thing’s for sure - she’s a true friend who you can count on when things get tough.


DIGIT is the smartest kid in Fixie School, a great student that Grandpus is proud to have in his class! He seems to know just about everything about everything. Whenever you see him Digit is always in thought and he doesn’t like to be distracted. Unfortunately he’s always so busy figuring things out that he never seems to have time for just fooling around with the other kids and getting some exercise. That sure has made gym class a bit of a tough time. But he's so sweet that the other Fixie kids help him get through it. To tell the truth, Digit isn't always great at fixing things with his own hands, but no one understands technology better than he does and if something breaks, Digit can always figure out exactly what's wrong with it and the very best way to fix it.

TOOLA is Simka’s best friend. She's very tall - almost as tall as Papus. And she's strong too! Toola loves to laugh and she does it louder than everybody. That’s just the way she is – cheerful, kind and trusting, someone who is always trying her best to make sure her friends are getting along. But Toola is also very superstitious and can be easily frightened. Yes, Toola can be a bit gullible, which is just fine for Nolik because it makes it so easy for him to play tricks on her. But she takes it all in good fun. That's because she's Toola!