what's the big Idea?

We’ve all heard about gremlins – those pesky little creatures that sneak into our machinery and break it.


 Sure, it’s a great story, but unfortunately machines don’t need any help breaking down – they do that just fine on their own! 


The REAL mystery is when machines start to conk out and then suddenly start working again!


Like the television that flickers then comes on full!

Or the broken switch that suddenly starts working again.


Or the car engine that refuses to turn over and then just revs to life! 

Do you know why these things happen?



Can you keep a big secret?


You promise?

Fixies, that’s why! It’s true - there’s an entire race of creatures who secretly live inside of our machines, appliances and devices, conscientiously maintaining and repairing them with the aid of their tool-filled pack-o-mats.

Why do they do it, you wonder? Well,  read on and you’ll learn more about some of the most amazing friends you never even knew you had.

And please remember, the next time something stops working properly - don’t get angry and start shaking and banging it. It won’t do anything to help it work again, but it just might hurt the Fixie who’s inside there trying to fix the problem!